Seydina Baldé

Seydina Baldé


Born and raised in Paris, based in Canada, Seydina BALDÉ has worshipped his passion for the movie industry since his childhood. Indeed he started at the age of 10, to attend theatrical classes and managed to be noticed while performing.

After reaching the highest level in his career as a Karate athlete by winning 5 world champion titles, Seydina decided to meet up his first passion back, so as to be an actor again. Seydina begins his career in the industry as a stunt, in Brian de Palma's "Femme Fatale" and the famous tv series "Largo Winch".

After just a few auditions as an actor, he's offered several parts in big productions such as Luc Besson's "Danny the dog" with Jet Li or also in "James Bond 007 Casino Royale". Fluent in English, Seydina leads his career in France, North America or Asia where he's been involved in many International movies.

Seydina just finished shooting The Borderland where he has the lead role. This Action and Thriller movie which, was fully shot in both China and Hong Kong, will be released this year in theatres around the World.

Seydina has been involved in many productions in North America, including the mini TV series « The Phantom » shot in Canada. Attracted by Asia since a very long time, he’s been able to work there in two projects. In China, he’s been offered lately, the lead part in the action film « Covert Operation ».

Seydina’s artistic adventure is only beginning